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    Dec 7, 2004
    Stratford, ON
    As many likely know the Fundy Adventure Rally founder and Rallymaster, Rob Harris, was killed back in May. Myself and my wife Terri (among others) are assisting Rob's partner, Courtney, in bringing the 2016 Rally event to new heights. We've been in the Canadian motorcycle industry for over 10 years and started A Vicious Cycle back in 2007 before selling the operation to Twisted Throttle.

    The 2016 edition, of the Rally, will be taking place Sept 8-11 at Adairs Wilderness Lodge, South of Sussex, NB. There are two different routes aimed at unique Rally attendees. We've continued with the GPS guided 450km A-B-C Rally event as in years passed. Newly added is a shorter, map guided, Scavenger ride. This ride is also available in the full 4-day pass or as a 1-day pass.

    The Scavenger ride is still open for registration, as are team members for the A-B-C Rally (see link below)


    Unfortunately, A-B-C Team Captain registration is now closed. We only have a limited number of SPOT trackers available and each Team Captain is required to use the device. We do have a few teams with less then the maximum 4 riders. Email me and we can assist you in finding a like-minded team to join for the A-B-C Rally.

    We've added a few things this year, most notably training sessions on both Thursday & Friday with BMW Motorrad qualified instructor Clinton Smout (you may have met Clinton at one of the Moncton shows - he ran the Yamaha kids academy). Thursday we have Rally Prep workshop with Lawrence Hacking. In the evening we're hosting a 9-Minute Moto Film Festival, guest presentations and more. Friday we're aiming to fill the whole day with BMW Motorrad and Honda Canada demo rides, additional guest presentations, and other activities, so if you do come, please try and book these days off work for the full experience.

    I'll be sure to check back to this thread regularly to answer your posted questions. Can we make this tread a Sticky as in years past?

    Thanks to all the ODSCers who have helped and continue to help make this event a success! If anyone has any ideas/suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact me by email @ eric@canadamotorallies.com

    -Eric Russell