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    Jun 29, 2016

    Selling my 2017 BETA 390 RR-S. Originally bought from Lang's Offroad in 2018. Reason for selling: I LOVE this bike, but I've always wanted to try a 2-stroke. So my plan is to sell this Beta, and buy a 2-stroke Beta 250.

    DETAILS: - Bike has 2729 kms, with 113 hours. The bike has always been Blue Plated. Majority of the riding on this bike has been 30-40% Dual Sport, and the rest Forest Trails. I am a Novice rider (I ride with the map switch in rain mode, LOL), so majority of the trail riding has been easy to medium in hardness (Double Track, Flowing Single Track, etc). I haven't done any hard enduro on this bike, and only one ride has been a bit rocky.

    - The bike should need nothing to safety.
    - Engine works flawlessly, without any known issues. Lang's Offroad did a valve check around 60 hours, and everything was in Spec. Engine starts up flawlessly every time, and runs strong. Shifting is smooth, and clutch engagement is perfect. Front and Rear suspension working great without issue. Front forks had the fluid and seals replaced by Lang's Offroad. All lights and signals working. All handlebar controls work as desired. Front and Rear sprockets, and chain has all been replaced.
    - Battery is working perfect and without any issues. It sits on my Battery Tender while not in use.
    - Engine oil is Liquid Moly 10w40 in Spring and Fall, and 10w50 in Summer. I'm use Maxima 80wt Tranny Fluid. Looking over my records, engine oil has been change every 4-13 hours, and transmission oil changed roughly ever 10-13 hours. Oil Filter is changed every time I do an engine oil change. Air filter has been replaced twice per year, but cleaned and oil after every dusty ride, or roughly 5-10 hours.
    - Plastic condition is about perfect, except for one rear plastic piece. It has a crack in it that I plastic welded. It's solid now. 1 or 2 sticker edges are frayed, but for the most part, plastics and stickers are in great shape.
    - There have been no major accidents with this bike, except minor tip-overs on the trails.
    - Everything is stock on the bike, except it has Beta Racing radiator guards, and Moose Racing hand guards. The front and rear turn signals were added buy Lang's Offroad (stock wiring). I also added 1 double take mirror.
    - Front tire is a 90/100-21 Mitas C-19, which has about 85% lift left. Rear tire is a 110/100 Michelin MC360 SOFT, which has 100% life left (brand new with one ride). Rear tube is brand new heavy duty tube, and front tube is a heavy duty tube.
    - Has a brand new Voyager Trail Tech GPS, with external GPS receiver for improved reception (previous unit had condensation under the screen, so I had it replaced). It's works awesome! It can track your RPM's Temperature, Speed, Elevation, and GPS tracks. You can also load a GPX file, and follow the route. Comes with SD card to import or export routes and tracks
    - Has the stock tool kit with all tools under the side cover

    Below are some Maintenance Items I've done since owning bike (not including oil, tranny oil changes, etc):
    - September 2018, 68 hours. Cleaned and repacked swing arm bearings, and rear linkage bearings.
    - October 2018, 77 hours. Rear Brake Pads replaced.
    - November 2018, 80 hours. Lang's Offroad replaced oil and seals in the Front Forks. This was just preventative maintenance.
    - March 2019, 80 hours. Replace chain with EK 114, Gold.
    - May 2019, 92 hours. Replaced front brake pads.
    - May 2019, 94 hours. Replaced rear sprocket with 50 tooth.
    - May 2019, 99 hours. Replaced plastic oil pump gears with new plastic gears.
    - June 2019, 100 hours. Went through every connector on bike, and added White Dielectric Grease.
    - July 2019, 103 hours. Cleaned and Repacked Steering head bearings.

    That's all I can think of right now. I'm trying to describe the bike exactly so you know what you're getting into. Send me a message, or text and come have a look. I'm a little weary on Test Drives, because of Insurance reasons, etc. But with a deposit I'm sure we can work something out.

    Also, check out the Youtube Video I posted, which also has a walk around of the bike.

    No Trades Please.

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    Sep 3, 2014
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    Beauty! I hope you find someone who treats her the same way :)