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  1. HGwill

    HGwill Limited User

    Jan 4, 2018

    While I am new here, and this is my first post, I am selling my husky to pay for some travel. It's a 2017 I bought in May and have done 3,500kms on it. I washed it every 1-2 weeks (unless it was really muddy/sandy) it only went down once (at 5kmh) and nothing was damaged. The rear left indicator was slightly melted, still works, just aesthetically isn't appealing. These exhausts generate a lot of heat so it slightly melted the indicator when it came lose.

    I added Acerbis Pro handguards to it, and a KTM 690 touring screen (the small black screen). Other than that it's completely stock, I have the passenger grips as well.

    This is the 2017 engine, the updated engine with a higher rev ceiling, additional judder to smooth the engine and transmission. It's noticeably smoother and cruises at 100kmh fine.

    The only marks are on the side, in the picture, that's inevitable from pants/legs rubbing. A decal kit can cover each side. I only ran premium fuel through this bike and Bel Ray oil. Had it's first service done by a dealer.

    If interested please contact, I am obo on the price but please no low baller. I have OBR Adv luggage that you can buy at a discount if you buy the bike.

    This was a great bike, I'm just selling it to travel this spring & summer. Looking at $12,000OBO. It's $12,500 on AutoTrader. Discounted for Dual Sport Riders. Email is gwilliamhuw@gmail.com, or PM me on here. Cheers!

    Huw Gwilliam

    P.S. I still have a R1200GSA so I'll be doing some Dual Sport rides with some of you guys!

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