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  1. Sewerat

    Sewerat Limited User

    Oct 15, 2011
    We have one remaining Beta 300 EVO 2T trials left in sock that we are offering at a discounted rate before the 2020's start showing up and crowding the floor. This is listed at $8350 + tax & PDI. We offer 2 different PDI's. For $99 you get a basic assembly of your bike, a check over of fasteners, and general set-up of bike, along with your warranty and paperwork all initialized. Or you can take advantage of our RACE PDI for $279 which includes all of the above along with a complete teardown of the bike with attention to detail of greasing all bearing surfaces, di-electric grease applied to connectors, anti-seize or loctite applied where necessary . Along with all of this Beta Canada is going to add an extra month of warranty to your bike just for completing this service with us.

    Call or email Craig or Rob today to arrange delivery or pickup. www.langsoffroad.com