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  1. ThatGuyMyke

    ThatGuyMyke ODSC-OFTR Member

    May 19, 2020
    Hey there ODSC,

    Just popping in to say hi and hope you don't get annoyed of me too quickly. Thanks to the ODSC folks for approving my membership, and allowing me into the fold.

    Figured it's a good thing to introduce one's self on these forum boards. People still use these things post Facebook eh? Well that's good news for me, because I don't have Facebook and likely never will. It's not that I hate people, I just like them in controllable, small doses in an arena of my choosing.

    Anyway... name is Michael, 32 years something, and I live in Midland. I bought a used 2017 DR200S (S stands for... slow I think?) for a great deal last fall. Had less than 200km on it when I picked it up. Mint condition, and a good price, I couldn't resist. I have been wanting a bike for a long time. Having spent a lot of my teenage years on pedal bikes and four wheelers, I always wanted a dirtbike to muck around on, and also wanted a street bike. Years went by, I bought an old 1982 Honda CR80R, rebuilt the entire thing, rode it once or twice, broke it again, decided I wanted something less likely to break and obviously bigger, like adult sized. Come two years later I found myself in a position to buy a dual sport, because why limit yourself to one road or another when you can be inadequate at both? I jest. I bought a dual sport so I could ride to the trails from my home because I hate loading dirtbikes and quads into pickup trucks and can't have another trailer at home.

    So here I am, bike plated, OFTR certified, M2 licensed, and trying my best at not hurting myself. Lets face it, I am not an experienced rider. I didn't ride MX as a kid, and frankly, doing heel clickers off triples is not really in the cards. So I'm here to have fun and learn how to be a better rider in the process. I enjoy riding on road and dirt, casually. I am OK with a slow AF bike, because I keep it to back roads where it's more fun and scenic anyway. So I bought the DR for its dirt simple maintenance, reliability, and least likeliness to encourage me to "send it".

    I've been mucking around off-road a bit this year. Bought some new stuff to help the bike fit me a bit better, and am not bad with a hammer, so I fabbed up my own skid plate from a street sign, which was fun! I like boats, unreliable cars, driving slow things fast, and adult beverages (after a good ride, of course).

    So thanks for letting me in, and I look forward to meeting up with anyone who might want to hit the back roads and trails. I'm up for local riding, and doing bigger adventures.