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  1. phme910

    phme910 ODSC-OFTR Member

    Aug 3, 2013
    Is anyone interested in buying my training spot? I have had no time to ride offroad.
    I did this training last year & Chris is awesome!!

    Cost = $282.50

    Date: SEPT 6th 2016

    Rally Connex Training Centre
    Georgetown Equestrian Centre
    11772 No 17 Sdrd,
    Georgetown, ON
    L7G 4S6

    Google Link:
    https://maps.google.ca/maps?daddr=43.623052,-79.946372&hl=en&ll=43.622128,-79.944334&spn=0.012582,0.031049&sll=43.62278,-79.945396&sspn=0.006291,0.015525&t=h&mra=mift&mrsp=1&sz=17&z=16 Times:
    Sign in at 8am
    Class starts at 9am
    Class finished at 4pm
    Lunch time will be determined by Chris Birch on the day of class. Parking:
    All participant vehicles must park and unload their bikes at Gate #2 parking lot.

    Lunch will consist of a pre ordered Pita Pit Pita. Juice and water will be supplied as well. Bottled water will be available throughout the day, free of charge.

    Please make sure your motorcycle is running, in top shape and is reliable to run all day in a wide variety of weather and terrain conditions. There will be a limited supply of typical repair parts available for purchase if you need service on your bike. It is recommended that if you own a spare bike bring it with you in case you need it.

    This is a rain or shine event. There are no refunds. If the weather is too extreme to hold the class, a strong effort will be made to reschedule the class to another time or date close to your booked class date.