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    Jan 26, 2003
    Some clubs contribute funds to cost of paid duty patrols, this will be of interest.

    Paid duty patrol costs: OPP 2 officers , 4 hours, approx $400.00
    Durham Regional 2 officers , 3 hours, approx. $530
    GF will be relying on OPP services.

    Paul Mooney

    these minutes have been edited

    SEPTEMBER 7, 2006

    UC 3/06

    1. Welcome and Call to Order

    The Chair called the meeting to order at 7 p.m. Members of the committee were welcomed.

    6. Business arising from Minutes

    (a) Enforcement update verbal report

    Staff informed the members that two paid duty patrols had taken place by the O.P.P. since the June meeting of the RUC. The first took place on July 8 when 32 forest users were stopped including 17 dirt bikes, 7 ATVs and 8 equestrians. No charges were laid on this patrol however a number of cautions were given to people who could not provide documentation for insurance, vehicle ownership or user fee payment. The second patrol took place on August 27 on a wet and overcast day. A total of 20 forest users were stopped including 11 ATVs, 3 dirt bikes, 3 mushroom pickers, 2 equestrians and 1 mountain bike rider. One trespass charge was laid during this patrol.

    Staff commented that they had obtained a quote for paid duty patrols from the Durham Regional Police, which was over 50% higher than that charged by the O.P.P.. Staff had further spoken to an inspector with the D.R.P. to find out if a discounted rate could be offered to the Conservation Authority, however staff were told that the only time discounted rates were given was to charitable organizations. Staff then told the members that they would continue to use the O.P.P. for paid duty patrols as long as they were able to provide officers on a fairly regular basis.

    Staff reported that booklets of trespass notices had been produced and had been used in the field over the past month. Two types of notices were designed, one to be placed on the windshield of vehicles not displaying a parking permit and the other to be given in person to forest users who were not in possession of a valid day pass or membership card. The notices are printed on duplicate forms so that staff have a record of all information recorded.

    (b) Horse trailer parking area improvements verbal report

    Staff reported that the horse trailer parking area has been expanded to over twice its original size and that staff were now considering options for how to treat the surface of the expanded area. The Ganaraska Forest Horse Club has pledged to contribute $1000 and the Ontario Trail Riders Association $500 to the project and the Conservation Authority wishes to thank them for their generous contributions. A bulldozer was used for most of the clearing operations and at the same time was able to make improvements to the road leading to the parking area.

    (c) Report on cross-country skiing verbal report

    Staff informed the committee members that approval had been given by GRCA management to add a skate skiing loop at the Forest Centre and that staff had already cleared and widened the trails to be used as part of the course. The course makes use of existing Central Forest roads and trails and involves very little shared use with classic ski trails. Directional signage will be posted this fall and the skate skiing loop will be added to the map of cross-country ski trails.

    (d) Update on Forest Centre rebuild verbal report

    Staff commented that plans for building a new Forest Centre were moving along with a projected ground breaking date of March 2007. The GRCA has hired a fund raising company to work towards securing the required capital for the project. The original plans called for the new buildings to be sited towards the northeast area of the Forest Centre grounds, but recently the location has been changed to the southern area of the open fields near the baseball diamond.

    8. New Business

    (a)Overview of summer activities verbal report

    Staff reported that this summer has been one of the stormiest in many years resulting in a large number of trees and branches falling on trails and some of the worst erosion staff have ever seen. Many days were spent clearing roads and trails of fallen debris and road work had to be started early this year in order to make roads passable and safe. Extensive bulldozer work was done in the West and Central Forest repairing severely rutted and eroded roads. The snowmobile club is planning on doing more roadwork in the West Forest over the next month.

    The heavy rains experienced over much of the summer also resulted in rapid brush and ground cover growth in the forest. Summer student employees were kept busy brushing out trails in order to keep them clear of vegetation growth.

    Staff have also started to reconstruct the barrier around the sand dune site located at Carmel Line and Forest Centre Road. Twenty cedar posts were installed around the base of the hill and rails will be added in the near future.

    Other items

    Paul Mooney mentioned that a representative from one of the off-road motorcycle clubs was looking into the cost of materials for constructing a barrier at Lookout Hill. He also mentioned that clubs would be applying some new gravel to the lowland crossing that had been constructed in the West Forest a few years ago.

    The next meeting of the GFRUC will take place on November 2, 2006.