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  1. farookismail

    farookismail Limited User

    May 4, 2015
    Hello everyone.
    I have not been on hear for years, long story that no one need to hear.
    Why am I hear now? Well I'm planning a trip to the Maritime Provinces
    leaving either August 5th or 6th and I'm asking anyone who is up for an adventure,
    I'd be happy if you came along.
    As of now I'm going solo, I ride a cbf1000 and not opposed to dual sport stuff within
    the limitations of the motorcycle I have, and of course my inexperience. The trip is a week or more
    depends on what adventures are found. I have a back roads map for the area and there sure is a lot of that.

    anyone interested can contact me at onecog@hotmail.com.

    Thank you and safe riding.