1. A $20 ODSC-ADV membership is now available as an alternative to the standard $65 ODSC-OFTR membership, details via the JOIN button
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  1. Neil Edmunds

    Neil Edmunds ODSC Executive

    May 5, 2003
    We have 3 classes of forum user as of April 16/17:

    1) Limited User
    Registered on the forum and gets access to most areas, but cannot start a topic in Casual Rides or access Tracks and Routes
    - Register here: http://www.odsc.on.ca/.xenforo/index.php?login/

    2) ODSC-ADV Member
    Registered on the forum and paid a $20 fee to gain full forum access.
    - Join here: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=SCZYHKS77TPBA
    After you make the payment, email odscadmin@gmail.com and provide your forum username, real name, and address.

    Please note that the "ODSC-ADV" membership does NOT allow you to ride trails in Simcoe County, Northumberland County,
    Sommerville Forest/Victoria Rail Trail, Limerik Forest, and Larose Forest. Also note that you will have to avoid any trail that requires
    OFTR membership if it is part of a Casual Ride. This type of membership is useful for riders with adventure style motorcycles.

    3) ODSC-OFTR Member
    Registered on the forum and paid a $65 fee to gain full access and also become an OFTR member (referred to as a full membership).
    Allows you to ride in all areas requiring OFTR membership for legal access.
    - Join here: http://www.oftr.ca/registration.php

    Please consider supporting the OFTR. Their mandate:
    To source, create and maintain a trail network in Ontario for safe, family use by off road motorcyclists, as well as any other good intentioned users. To provide a strong voice supported by a substantial membership to represent trail users to ensure, to our best ability, that these trails continue to be available.

    ODSC Ride Fees:
    Non-members (includes Limited Users) pay a modest fee to take part in ODSC Organized Rides.
    Rides are free for ODSC-ADV and ODSC-OFTR members, however there may be a charge for lunch depending on how the ride is structured.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.