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  1. Visser

    Visser Limited User

    Jul 19, 2006
    Hey all,

    I'm planning on heading to the Hatfield McCoy trail system for a week or so at the end of May.

    I've been on their website, but need to study it a lot more between now and then.

    Any suggestions as to what are the most scenic trails? I prefer scenery and good views over tight single track in the woods.
    I'll be riding alone, if that makes any difference -- well, unless someone wants to meet me down there, but I don't have room to take another bike or gear.

    How about camp grounds? Any cheap camp grounds that have showers to recommend?

    Any places to eat in that area that I shouldn't miss?
  2. brucedwilson

    brucedwilson ODSC Executive

    May 9, 2008

    We based ourselves in Man, WV. It's a bit of a s**t-hole with no decent restaurants. But, we were cooking for ourselves.

    The trails immediately around there were simply amazing. Well worth the drive to get there. Riding alone, despite knowing how good a rider you are, would be concerning. We had one guy go over the edge of the mountain. Without us...frankly without an ATV that came along...he would have been pooched. We had one noteworthy injury too. So, just be careful.

    The wet rocks are grippy. The dry dirt isn't. The double-diamond black trails are brutal. Make sure you play in a coal mine at least once. Very wierd traction in coal.

    Go to the McCoy distillery...that's the only social recommendation I've got.

    See you soon...maybe at the March Marina meeting?

  3. tricky55+

    tricky55+ ODSC-OFTR Member

    Sep 20, 2006
    I would second Bruce's caution about solo riding on those trails, certainly anything beyond the green or blue atv trails. Although Man, and southwest WV in general, are dirt poor areas, I think "s**t hole" is a little harsh. Keith's Bar in Man and the family restaurant just up the road both have decent meals. We have been staying in Gilbert at the other end of the Rock House trail system since 2008 and have enjoyed the great hospitality of the local people. Going again next month. Even some of the paved roads in the area are great for scenery. Enjoy, but be careful.
  4. Grey Jay

    Grey Jay Limited User

    Feb 10, 2007
    Sudbury, On
    I stay in Matewan at the Blue Goose. I will be there at the end of April. We ride mostly single track but your DRZ will handle any of the green and blue quad trails. I wouldn't ride any single track there if you are solo.

    There is a good ride between Matewan and Man that I would recommend if you want to keep to the wide stuff. It takes a whole day to go there and back. We usually eat lunch at Keith's bar and grill.

    The Blue Goose is great because its owned by a dirt biker and generally caters to that crowd.
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