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  1. Neil Edmunds

    Neil Edmunds ODSC Executive

    May 5, 2003
    There are lots of people trying to submit bogus registrations on the ODSC forum. Most are spammers from other countries and are easily deleted. Some local folks don't want to provide their information. I send an email asking for details. This usually gets a reply and they are activated. Others never reply and get deleted. Almost all registrants get an email or a phone call.

    If you create a hotmail (or other email account) just to register AND YOU NEVER CHECK IT, guess what? No reply = no activation. The same goes for phone numbers. If you provide a cell phone number AND NEVER TURN THE PHONE ON, guess what? No reply = no activation. The ODSC is only asking for the same info we would receive if you joined via the OFTR. Name, address and phone number is all it takes. If you only use the ODSC to sell a bike, just email odscadmin@gmail.com after it sells and ask to be removed. This takes me a few seconds.

    Why do we want to know who's using the forum? All users are welcome to join a casual ride, including newcomers. Unofficial rides won't have a sign-in sheet. If something goes wrong on a ride (injury or crash) and we need to contact you afterward, the registration info is used for this purpose. If you submitted a registration and nothing happens within a few days, email odscadmin@gmail.com and ask why.