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    Mar 5, 2016
    UPDATE on the OFTR group insurance program:
    There has been some confusion regarding the OFTR Group insurance program. To help address this, here are some answers to some FAQ’s;

    Q. Can I insure a childs bike by itself?
    A. Although Northbridge (with Dalton Timmis as broker) will insure a childs bike under OPCF 32, there will need to be other supporting business, such as another bike and/or a car/truck, or house etc. This is the same requirements as State Farm, or any other insurer in Ontario.

    Q. Do I have to bring all of my business over to access the program?
    A. No, you only need to bring over one or two items. However, we do recommend that you at least get a quote on all your items to see if you can save more money. The best chance at saving the most is if you insure all of your items under this program.

    Q. Do I need to have a motorcycle licence to insure an offroad bike in this program?
    A. No, a motorcycle licence isn’t required to insure an offroad bike in this program.

    Q. Does Northbridge have similar prices for bikes as other insurers?
    A. In some cases, yes. In other cases, their motorcycle prices are a bit higher. However, they often have cheaper prices for cars, trucks, houses etc. We suggest getting all items quoted to find out.

    Q. Will every member save money thru this program?
    A. Not necessarily. Some will, but others may already have access to a great group insurance program somewhere else, or access to special pricing circumstances. For the rest of us who don't already have a group program, there is a good possibility to obtain some savings.
    As the program builds over time, we expect there should be pricing improvements in key areas, such as dirtbikes and auto.

    Also, to make things easier, Dalton Timmis has designated 2 agents to specialize in this program.
    When you call Dalton Timmis about this program, please ask for either of these two agents:

    Tara Shapiro
    888-385-8466 ext 7460

    Kyle Brown
    888-385-8466 ext 7445
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