The 6 Days of Utah!
Digby, Mark, Jon and Kenny visit the mecca for a spot of lite beer and lots of rock!

The Skinny?

Drive there = 31hrs
Drive back = 27hrs
Distance = 3000k each way
Number of piss breaks = 457
Number of coffee’s = 129
Number of McDonalds = 6
Gas for driving there $180(V8 F150)
Camping costs per person weekly = $60
Average meal cost = $10
Average tip left = $2
Average tip left by Jon = 25c
Amount of times we cooked = 0
Average K ridden daily = 90k
Number of flats = 0
Bike problems = 0
Injuries = 2 (Digby’s finger & arse)
Water consumed daily = 4L
Number of jokes at Digby’s expense = 5 million
Number of good looking women = 22
Number of good looking women on vacation with parents = 22
Number of beers drank = lost count
Alcohol content = 3.2% for Utah!
Number of times drunk = 1
Number of Advil taken = too many.




The Details?

“Jon, put your money where your mouth is crack out your fat wallet and lets go to Utah for a week?” And thats how it all started back in November of 2003.

We had been toying around with Baja for the longest time and decided that we all needed a good break during the winter, some where different that welcomes the off roader. Utah was it and boy was it good, even with the state controlled 3.2% alcohol beer content and Jon Mutiger in tow. He was already light headed due to the elevation so it did not matter.

A strange thing happens to an individual once they have committed to a trip to Utah. After the initial fear of it all you start to prepare your bike and body. Well most of us did, Ken has his own personal team of mechanic’s to fix his bike! We all set about fixing those nagging little problems and because you will be riding for 6 days straight(think of that as 6 weekends worth of riding) you start to think about your gear and physical shape, like not eating all those doughnuts and actually getting up to change the tv channel.

Mark Kauk said bollocks to the whole lot, brought a new bike, a 2004 WR450F and a new F150 Truck! Sweet! We literally picked up his new truck, loaded it to the gills and headed for the border with all of 150k on the clock and just about enough paper work to prove it did belong to us and was not stolen!

Gear - always pack the right gear! Utah can be a tad chilly at night during April so bring your best sleeping bag if camping and warm clothes. After having my obvious lobotomy the day we left which turned out to be the day I packed, I completely screwed up and packed way to light. I was very, very cold during the first few days and started to get sleep deprived, not a good thing when riding every day but hey you learn. Plus it makes me a miserable b’stard much to Jon’s delight. Thanks Mark for the extra blanket. You can also score cheap motel rooms in Moab and the surrounding area, but you must be able to tear yourself away from your beloved machine for one night. Jon, you need help buddy.

More Details!

So what about the gear, bikes and stuff? Well you must have all your paper work when crossing the border for your bikes including your insurance. We were never stopped in Utah while riding and all street plated vehicles are welcome to ride on the designated trails only which are well marked. Bikes - myself and Jon Mutiger had large tanks and Mark and Ken carried extra gas but this was only ever done on 1 day. Most days we were able to ride trails, head into town for more gas and food and then go riding again. Excellent!

We drove straight, me and Mark in the new F150 and the two girls in the Turbo Diesel Golf. After working all day this is not the best thing to do, it took us 31 hrs straight to get there. Mostly due to us both falling asleep at a pee break!

First stop was Green River, 60 miles north west of Moab. We headed here for the weekend to avoid the clearing out of the big Jeep Jamboree still taking place in Moab. Thousands of jeeps over Easter descend upon Moab and there really is thousands of them!

Jon & Ken hooked up with a local and were introduced to ‘White Wash’. A big local riding area full of people camped out for the weekend and what looks like weeks at a time. All sorts of riding, sand dunes, rock trails, single track trails, river running, canyon running, 130kph in dried up river beds, tons of slick rock, hundreds of feet high, massive hill climbs, the biggest I have ever rode up. And yes I was damn scared a few times. It’s healthy to be bricking it every now and then. You’re either worried about being seen messing up or messing up your bike and killing your week. Mine was the latter. Part of the perils of riding rock is that if you do mess up you have rads and crank case covers to worry about, there were a few times when my elbow pads took the brunt of it as I held my bike off the ground!

We rode this area for 4 days and it truly was awesome, check out the pics below. To ride in 50ft sand dunes and climb what appears vertical slick rock was definitely worth the drive and I’ll do it all over again. On our last day in the area Jon spotted a single track trail. We checked our gas and water and headed off to explore. Turned out to be one of the best trails we ever rode and it went on for miles.

Single track in the dessert you say? Well the dessert is made up of all sorts, rocks, vegetation, sand and rubble so you cannot go ripping across a piste if you will. It’s more like scrub. Every now and then you’ll have those massive sand dune area’s where you can rip all over the place. This single track trail rose and fell in elevation, went over varied terrain and blasted on for miles. At one point we were on dusty, sandy like piste conditions with almost a kilometer separating the leader from the sweep.

So then we packed up and headed for Moab, Utah where we scored a local campsite, $50 for two people for 3 nights hot showers included! From here we explored the Pritchet Canyon trail otherwise known as the toughest 4 miles in Moab as we were told when stuck half way up it! We met up with a bunch of jeeps on the trail who were very impressed with us as much as we were with them! This was without doubt a scary moment, big time rock climbs and big drop offs. Mark Kauk however, from here on now known as ‘The Stormin German’ was not deterred and took on all that Pritchet could throw at him. He blasted up that rock and when he could’nt do that he carried his bike up it. He then went back and carried our bikes up it! Kudos Mark! The man was on a mission...

We also rode the Behind the Rocks trail, Hells Revenge part of the Moab Slick Rock Bike trail that we also rode in the Sand Flats recreation area and attempted to get onto Kane Creek Canyon trail which looks damn good on the map. We also rode the Lasal Mountain Pass and hit around 9000ft up on the Brumley Trail.


Morons on holiday
High Speed - 11.5mb
Duration - 4.5 mins

Porcupine Rim Trail
High Speed - 26mb
Duration - 10 mins

Pritchet Canyon
HighSpeed - 42mb
Duration - 16 mins

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