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  1. tenere700

    tenere700 Limited User

    Sep 13, 2019
    I just acquired a 2005 Honda CRF250X, which was previously blue plated earlier in its life before being converted back to green. I am going to give licensing this a shot, but am not optimistic whatsoever about having any success. As someone previously mentioned, I too bought a green plated 250L and getting that licensed for the road was a major pain in the ass given it was a 2017 street legal machine. Anyone here gone down this route for something that is clearly not road legal, but may be able to be grandfathered in under a previous designation? Again, I already know denial is in the pipes, but thought I would ask. Cheers.
  2. tricky55+

    tricky55+ ODSC-OFTR Member

    Sep 20, 2006
    As someone who owns two blue plated 2013 2 stroke KTMs, and in the past owned two blue plated 250Xs, I would say your chances are extremely slim to none. The whole trick to getting a 'non homologated for street' bike 'blue plated' is to never let it get 'green plated'. That means getting the NVIS when new and registering the bike as a 'mortorcycle' from the get go - not so easy lately. If a homologated road bike gets a green plate put on it at any time, all that is required to get a blue plate is a completed vehicle safety inspection form. An individual MTO outlet may give you a hard time because of their ignorance, but there is a character in the VIN of homologated road bikes that indicates its a road legal bike. The most experienced outlets know that, which makes getting a blue plate now for your Honda 250X next to impossible. Once a green plate is registered to a bike that is a designated as 'off road', its off road forever.
    That is why its so frustrating to sell a blue plated 'off road' bike to someone and know that they are going to green plate the bike. Often that is done because of the insurance issue - $100 or so for off road liability, versus $500-1000 for road legal insurance. Dirt bike insurance is a real mess that the MMIC has had 40 years to help us with and have done nothing, except take our money when we buy new bikes. Despite some intermittent lip service to the issue, their lack of action effects all of the family dirt bike insurance problems. Very sad.
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