1. JeffMiddleton

    JeffMiddleton ODSC-OFTR Member

    Jun 28, 2022
    I was looking at exploring the rail trail marked on the OFTR app (running east between sharbot lake and perth) and I noticed the K&P Rail Trail running north from Kingston area.

    After doing some youtube research, I noticed that there were people doing the trail from around kingston up to sharbot lake and then north from there to calabogie/renfrew.

    I am not familiar with riding this area (only my second year with a dual sport) and had two questions if anyone has an answer.

    1. Are we allowed to ride the K&P Trail south of sharbot lake (id like to start close to kingston and ride north to calabogie/renfrew, rather than start at sharbot and go north)

    2. My other idea was to ride from Northumberland forest. I noticed 'Gunter Trail' on BRMB that connects to 'Sharbot Lake Kaladar Rail Trail' from here I would want to head north to pick up the OFTR portion of the K&P Trail to calabogie.

    If any of this is unclear, im going to try to put together a Gaia route and can post it.

    I wish there was a simple way to find what trails you can/cant ride on a dual sport bike and what passes you need.

    Thanks in advance!