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  1. Neil Edmunds

    Neil Edmunds ODSC Executive

    May 5, 2003
    We have 4 classes of forum user as of January 11/20:

    1) Limited User
    Registered on the forum and gets access to most areas, but cannot start a topic in Casual Rides or access Tracks and Routes
    - Register here:

    2) ODSC-SOVT Member
    Registered on the forum and paid a fee to the CVMG.
    - Register here:

    3) ODSC-ADV Member
    Registered on the forum and paid a $20 fee to the ODSC to gain full forum access.
    - Fee paid to the ride organizer at any ODSC ride.
    After you make the payment, email and provide your forum username, real name and address.
    Please add the name of the ride organizer that you paid.

    Please note that the "ODSC-ADV" membership does NOT allow you to ride trails in Simcoe County, Northumberland County, Sommerville Forest/Victoria Rail Trail, Limerik Forest, and Larose Forest. Also note that you will have to avoid any trail that requires OFTR membership if it is part of a Casual Ride. This type of membership is useful for riders with adventure style motorcycles.

    4) ODSC-OFTR Member
    Registered on the forum and paid a $95 fee to gain full access and also become an OFTR member (referred to as a full membership). Allows you to ride in all areas requiring OFTR membership for legal access.
    - Join here:

    Please consider supporting the OFTR. Their mandate:
    To source, create and maintain a trail network in Ontario for safe, family use by off road motorcyclists, as well as any other good intentioned users. To provide a strong voice supported by a substantial membership to represent trail users to ensure, to our best ability, that these trails continue to be available.

    ODSC Ride Fees:
    Non-members (includes Limited Users) pay a modest fee to take part in ODSC Organized Rides.
    Rides are free for ODSC-ADV and ODSC-OFTR members, however there may be a charge for lunch depending on how the ride is structured.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.