1. ODSC rides are planned with specific Covid-19 restrictions
  1. Brian Helliwell

    Brian Helliwell ODSC Executive

    Dec 27, 2002
    London, ON
    The rails on the line from La Salette to Waterford and beyond have just recently been lifted. So the right-of-way is most likely still in the hands of the the railway. They would probably object to you using it. However it's very unlikely that anyone from the railway is ever going to see you, or any of the atvers, hikers, etc use it.

    The rail trail from Brantford south to Waterford I've used for a number of years. At the Brantford end part of the rail trail is being converted to hiking path so keep away from that area.

    Your biggest concern should be not to disturb people whose homes back on to the rail trails. If they get annoyed by too many bikes, atv's buzzing past the their back yards complaints will be made. That's what has happened in Mt. Pleasant, south of Brantford. A meeting was recently held in that community to try and deal with that situation. A group of local off-road riders is interested in forming a club to help deal with the situation. As a group they may also have access to some private land for riding. This group should be meeting on Oct. 28th to begin organizing their club. I will post information on this meeting when I receive it. If you are looking to maintain or expand your off-road riding opportunities you should consider supporting this group.

  2. TFB4ME

    TFB4ME Limited User

    Mar 6, 2007
    I was just looking at this post and hate to bring one from the grave.I need info on weather or not this club was formed yet?Also I dont see why the rail trails cant be used as they are used for sleds legally in the winter.That is from waterford to simcoe anyway
    Plaese advise