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  1. OrangeKoolaid

    OrangeKoolaid Ride Organizer

    Jan 5, 2005
    Barrie, Ontario
    Here is the Final Draft of the Sprignwater Trails Master Plan that was discussed on June 3,08. It does have some postive comments made towards the OFTR - SCORRA being organized and doing a great job in a short period of time.

    Huge effort was put into this by members of the riding community, HORRA, ODSC, SCORRA and the OFTR members should be proud of the way they became invovled in this land dispute. I think that was clearly evident by the comments made by the GSP Group that put the Trails Master Plan together. :D :D


    Seems that this draft has really had a negative effect on a land owner near the FREELY Tract of the Simcoe County Forest, he is an older gent in a blue Ford pick up truck that has been following riders in his truck in an attempt to report them to Springwater. Older gent approx 50 ish.... :shock:

    He had an incident with the SCORRA President in which Wayne (Pres)spent some time explaining he was well within his rights to be riding in that area, that it was an approved tract. Fell on deaf ears so I expect that he will be in his truck collecting plate numbers of bikes he feels have doen wrong.

    If you run into this Gent nearthe Freely Tract and it is not positive please send me a PM so that SCORRA can take action against this fellow. :D

    take care