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  1. Neil Edmunds

    Neil Edmunds ODSC Executive

    May 5, 2003
    Brian Knechtel
    Grant Yake
    Business Name: Nanotech Environmental
    Business Contact: info@getnano.ca
    Five one Nine---------590---6305
    Six four seven---------237---7196
    Business Website: www.getnano.ca
    Business Description: ZOOM concentrated cleaner
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  2. 3BeeJay3

    3BeeJay3 ODSC Past President

    Apr 3, 2006
    Near Stratford
    Now available at these dealers:

    Langs Offroad- Dorchester
    Swampys Racing Supplies - Utopia ON
    A Vicious Cycle/Twisted Throttle - New Dundee ON
    Sandaraska Park - Pontypool ON
    Trail tours - Pontypool ON

    Available in a 3.78 l jug of concentrate, or a 1 liter premixed sample (free).
    Retail Price $23.95 per 3.78l jug

    ZOOM can be used at ratios from 10:1 to 100:1, depending on how heavy your cleaning job is.
    This product is the easiest, fastest and cheapest way to wash your bike, or?

    I started working with this product, which originally was used in an industrial application about 4 or 5 years ago. It was the first cleaner I found that actually cleaned all the areas that are typically hard to clean; such as hubs, suspension linkage, nooks & crannies on engines, carbs etc. All of this without scrubbing, etc. I hated spending hours to clean a bike after a muddy event or? After a lot of playing around with the original product and tweaking the formula here and there, I have something that works very well at a very good price.
    ZOOM cut my cleaning time drastically and made it much easier at the same time.
    The best part is I don't need to use a power washer, which can be very hard on motorcycles and ATV's etc.

    It's very easy to use,
    - It works fast!
    - Cheap to use (we all like that!!)
    - Biodegradable!
    - Very Versatile for outdoor use - you can use it on almost anything outdoors!

    In my experience, everyone that uses it, stops buying conventional cleaners and just uses ZOOM to clean their outdoor stuff. It's that effective.

    See www.zoomcleaner.ca or www.getnano.ca for more info.
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